Space Liner: Draw Lines to lead the robot


Enjoy this free game with a new way to play, no buttons or knobs.
Embark on the best adventure where the line you draw with your finger will guide you through the space.
You must draw a line or doodle to control the robot.
The more you play the game easier is to scribble and thus you can control better the character.
Obtain gears throughout the universe to get power-ups, and face the fearful space ducks and their powerful Duck-technology.
Remember to destroy the asteroids and bubbles with an arsenal of weapons.


How to play this game

  • Draw a line o some lines to guide the robot
  • Pick up power batteries and gears
  • Destroy obstacles drawing a line or dots
  • Destroy ducks, rocks and missiles using weapons
  • Avoid touching space ducks or any bomb
  • Use owerful game modifiers
  • Lead the robot to the target platform



  • 5 worlds.
  • More than 50 levels, full of action and challenges.
  • Many enemies to defeat.
  • Innovative control without buttons.
  • Amazing graphics and sounds.


How this story begins

In a universe where Artificial Intelligence (AI) is in full development and organic species are in danger, the Technots try to maintain balance. A fight in the line of succession ends with the banishment of ARIS, the second heir. Now, angry, ARIS decides to steal the Everlasting Core of Technots, their energy source. After appropriating the holiest eggs of the space ducks tribes and blackmailing them, ARIS and the space ducks take control of the Everlasting Core. As the last hope, Technots sent their most prized and respected hero to get the energy source back, YOU.