Space Liner in the media

We are excited about the welcome and the impact that our favorite space robot is having on the media lately, so much so, for the opinions players and users are pouring in different social networks where Space Liner is available, as eg through Google Play (for free).

You can download Space Liner from AppStore clicking on Space Liner on the AppStore

What is being said about Space Liner?

In all websites where are talking about Space Liner, they are projecting an adjective: addictive, and it seems that this platform game universe has won over everyone, thanks mainly to the different levels that grows in difficulty with each new victory in a war to regain the Eternal Core, an unlimited source of energy created by the Technots and robbed by ARIS and space ducks, which duck-technology you will have to overcome to reach your ultimate goal.

Space Liner in the media 1

Let’s start by finding out what is said about Space Liner in El androide libre, one of the most famous online magazines and most read in the Spanish-speaking world. They emphasize, above all, about the innovation in the gameplay, with “a different way to play through lines on the screen, no buttons or other controls”. In addition, as mentioned, they specify that it is a “very addictive game for Android”.

Space Liner in the media 2

Space Liner has also been discussed on websites like Pro Android or, in addition to a few words to Hexamob (as creators of the game) they said Space Liner “has an extremely simple gameplay” in a story that “includes 5 worlds with over 50 levels where the action and the challenges are from the beginning”. Moreover, they appreciate the “control based on line drawing” because the experience becomes something innovative with “graphics and sound effects”, “praised by all who tried it.”

Space Liner in the media 3

Another place where a lot of people can give an opinion about Space Liner is logically its website in Google Play, which it has an average rating of 4.5 (out of 5) between 191 reviews, and nothing less than 151 of them are a 5. In general, all indicate how entertaining it is, and some users, as Ivan BC, claim it is a “fun game with a good difficulty curve. Addictive.”

Space Liner in the media 4

You can vote for Space Liner in web pages as Cocoua or Mind Wise Soft. Try Space Liner too and share your opinion. We remind you that it is available for free download from Google Play.

Space Liner in the media